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A Reptilian Revival

For his 9th birthday, TJ asked for a lizard . . . Or a rock tumbler.  I decided I’d rather him be that weird reptile kid than the weird rock collection kid, and… Continue reading

Tina Fey: Theologian . . . Who Knew?

My parent’s other neighbors have a cat named Joker. He’s an overweight tabby who whores himself through the neighborhood pretending to be homeless and in need of affection. My stepdad fell for Jokers ruse;… Continue reading

Rebounding with Grace

Yesterday,  I wandered into the gym and slunk down into a plastic green picnic chair.  Exhausted from an emotional week, I scanned the piles of mats for my daughter.  It took me a while to… Continue reading

The Bathroom is on Fire, Much Water is Needed

I was ticked at my husband last Monday.  Not anything major, just irritated enough to be a bit vengeful.  So when I went to sign both of us up for volunteer slots at the gymnastics meet that Saturday,  I… Continue reading

Well Prepared Or Slightly Traumatized

Six weeks ago I received a text inviting my son to participate in a fashion show at the University.  I responded with: “absolutely, he would love it.”  Really, I didn’t know that he would… Continue reading

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not . . .

Hurley was my first dog.  Almost seven-years-old when I got him, he was a rescue dog with a sordid past who quickly absorbed all the affection I offered.  Three years later, as Hurley’s age… Continue reading