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Tina Fey: Theologian . . . Who Knew?

My parent’s other neighbors have a cat named Joker. He’s an overweight tabby who whores himself through the neighborhood pretending to be homeless and in need of affection. My stepdad fell for Jokers ruse;… Continue reading

Are you there God? It’s me, Olivia

My husband tried to kill me. Actually, he tried to clean my car.  A car that has seen more of my morning coffee in its carpet than ever made it into my mouth.  A… Continue reading

So Call me Crazy

  My life is crazy.  I teach fitness classes at five different facilities, and drive an hour (each way) for my daughter’s 5 hour gymnastics practice . . . every day.  My husband… Continue reading

The Bathroom is on Fire, Much Water is Needed

I was ticked at my husband last Monday.  Not anything major, just irritated enough to be a bit vengeful.  So when I went to sign both of us up for volunteer slots at the gymnastics meet that Saturday,  I… Continue reading

Shadows, Shelter, and Shade

Maybe it’s the rain, or lack of commerce, or the commitment to stay weird; whatever the reason in Oregon we do three things.  We drink, we festival, and we educate.  Our drinking is never just drinking, however.  We… Continue reading


Despite an unsuccessful attempt to ride a bean bag down the basement stairs, my son’s foot is not broken.  A fact determined with the help of two urgent care physicians, a pediatrician, a orthopedist, five(ish)… Continue reading

Space and Time Vs. Spacey and Timeless

My children have very different concepts of space and time.  My daughter remembers every life event; when and where it happened, what she was wearing, and the license plate of the car that drove her there.  She… Continue reading

Running Away from my Blog

I quit blogging. I tried first to start over;  I created a new domain, made my profile more obscure, turned off all the automatic publishing features.  A few posts later, my fingers froze and… Continue reading